Cat Cafe in Ikebukuro, Tokyo (ねこカフェ 池袋 東京)

When we were in Tokyo, we went to a couple of cat cafes. Cat cafes are all over Tokyo (and the rest of Japan apparently). It seems that each one works a little differently. At the cafe shown in the video, you pay a small entry fee for unlimited drinks, a bag of cat snacks and, of course, access to a whole bunch of overfed, pampered cats! I filmed the footage in this clip at a cafe in Ikebukuro (the sign in the opening shot of the screaming cat is actually from a different cafe also in Ikebukuro). A truly bizarre experience!

Note: You briefly see a guy in this clip talking to one of the workers at the cafe. When he first showed up, we thought he was hitting on the girl that worked there because he was giving her a bunch of presents. Then we realized they were presents for the cats (tiny Minnie Mouse ears for them to wear and little outfits). He was getting stressed that he’d bought Minnie Mouse ears for the cats but most of them were boys. The girl that worked there ensured him there were enough girl cats and then asked whether he wanted his usual three hour cat session. When he turned around we noticed he had a cat tail attached to his pants.

Music in this clip is by the awesome EeL, the track is called “Wannabe”:


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